Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby, it's a zoo out there...

Yep.  You guessed it.  I had a Zoo themed order this week.  Chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and chocolate cupcakes with a green tinted vanilla buttercream.  Some of them were a bit quicker and easier to make than others and I had a little trouble with ears falling off (??) but they were worth it.  And I have to say, the chocolate chip cupcake is a new favorite...
Whaddaya think?

I love the way the giraffe turned out.

But the hippo won many hearts at the party. 

And now?  Now I finish my hurricane prep box up and keep an eye on Isaac.  Let's hope he misses us.  And Monday, my little love starts pre-school!  Whoa.  Ready for some more then and now's?  Here they are...
From my little bitty:

To this guy!

Don't worry-I didn't really have his head on a platter (though some days...) it was an exhibit at the Museum.  Cute stuff, eh?  Anywho, what on earth will I do with my time whilst the wee one is at school 5 days a week?  Well...anything I want to, of course!!!  ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

How about...A cupcake??

My poor 4-year old.  He walks in to the kitchen and says "You're making me COOKIES?!" (he knows I'm making cookies because of what the batter looks like in the bowl, mind you....) "No buddy. I'm sorry. This is for the cookie cake for Ms. xxxx"  "But Mo-oooommmmm!!" 
"You're making me CUPCAKES?!?!" "No buddy.  These are for Ms.' xxx's little boy". I quickly add "But I had to bake a sample cupcake and you're my best tester.  Would you mind tasting one for me when I get them all done?  It would really make me happy..." His little arms wrap a huge hug around my waist.  Whew.  

It must be tough for my family.  I'm constantly whipping up cupcakes, cakes, cookies, icings, mousse and more.  The smells coming from the kitchen are divine, the whir of the mixer can be annoying and my counter tops are off limits to little hands.  So there is often a payoff involved.  A tasting, if you will.
This weekend, the tasting had a sword on it.  An extra I made from my pirate cupcake order.  Take a look at these guys...

The family I made them for, was very pleased.  That always makes me so happy. :)
The other order I worked on was a huge cookie cake.  This is a neighborhood favorite.  And I've made three for this same little guy since May!  I can't blame him, though.  This is my very favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. 
This week I will be working on some zoo themed cupcakes for a friend's little boy.  I have to say, I am loving the hippo.  Something about the little guy.  You'll see.  Pictures to follow next week.  

Also on the agenda for the week? My oldest starts SECOND grade tomorrow!!!  I can't even believe it.  From this 
To this!
Wow.  My little dude isn't so little anymore.  I bought him new cleats for lacrosse the other day.  He's 7.  They are a size 5.5!  Zoinks, scoob.  My husband calls my son a little Ogre. Jake's almost to my shoulder and I'm 5'8".    Bring it on, second grade!  We can handle it!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hockey puck cupcakes. Wait...let me explain...

There were actual hockey pucks on the cupcakes.  And sticks.  And skates and masks, too.  
The fondant toppers for these cupcakes were too cute.  The twin birthday boys even got fondant hockey sweaters on their cupcakes!  
Being that I'm a big hockey fan (Let's go Caps!!) this order was a lot of fun to make.  I have begun to realize, though, that ALL of my orders are fun to make!  I love creating these little miniature pieces of edible art.  It's funny-I've always been crafty but never considered myself an artist.  My sister? She's the artist.  You can check out her etsy shop here (you're welcome, Wen...)

It's so cool that my baked goods are finding their way into peoples homes.  I've been baking since I was in pre-school.  Seriously.  For years and years it has been one of my passion's but it was always a hobby.  Now my "hobby" is beginning to pay some bills!  With my little one in pre-school, I can actually do my baking during the day!  But what the heck will I do at night?  Ahhh...yes...pinterest.  :)