Thursday, March 29, 2012

When there's butter on my countertop, my husband gets giddy.

Well, at least he used to.  You see, butter on the counter top means that it is working (tirelessly...) to soften to room temperature.  And why would it be softening to room temperature?  Because I'm going to make my family some sort of sweet treat! 

Not really the case, lately.  Batch upon batch of cream cheese icing and buttercream gets whipped up, along with various cakes and cupcakes and not a single bit of butter has been intended for my family's consumption!  

Truth?  I am now taking and fulfilling orders for custom cakes and cupcakes.  While this is wonderful news for me, my family is constantly "led on" by my blatant butter softening.  I have seen the error of my ways.  I suppose I will have to make it up to them.  Perhaps a little cookie pie for dessert this weekend.  :)

Getting started...

Well hello there!  I have just started this blog to connect people with my home grown baked business and to show you all what I do.  I will be updating it and adding to it regularly.  Please bear with me  as I venture into this brave new world of blogging.