Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls vs. boys...

What a week!  I don't think my mixer or oven were off for longer than a few hours at a time during the last seven days!  I made two very different cakes this week.  One was a girly-girl cake for a baby shower, complete with flowers, butterflies and satin ribbon.  The other was a "Cars" cake with a fondant gas can, tires and traffic cones!  Both had their challenges and had me sweating throughout the process.  However, I was extremely pleased with the end results and am so pleased by the reactions of my clients and their families and friends!

The shower cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing and the design matched the nursery decor.  The cake was dense and moist and the icing was the perfect creamy compliment.  

The "Cars" cake had two tiers.  It was made to look like a racetrack with three sides of a stadium over it.  The top (the stands) was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and iced in vanilla buttercream.  The bottom tier (the track) was a strawberry cake filled with chocolate buttercream and iced with vanilla buttercream.  The sides of the cake were covered in my home-made fondant-which, say what you want about fondant, this stuff just melts in your mouth!  Much of the other detail (the gas can, traffic cones, tires, checkers, etc.) were all done in modeling chocolate.  The "Happy Birthday" and the cars logo "Ty" were all done in melting chocolate.  The only things that were inedible were the flags on top and the cars!

Thankfully, I attended both parties and was able to sample both cakes! Score!  It's so nice to hear people say such nice things about my work.  It makes all of those hours of standing, mixing, assembling, icing and decorating even more worth it!  I continue to be incredibly thankful for each order and consider it an opportunity to hone my craft while making others happy.  What a great job!  

And next week?  Back to cupcakes.  Tampa Bay Lightning themed cupcakes, to be specific.  Pictures soon...  :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girly stuff...

So I got an order for a "girly" cake and decided to do a purse.  A hot pink purse!  Complete with little accessories-lipstick, nail polish, a bracelet and ring.  I worked on one like this at my apprenticeship and found that it came together easily and very well. 

This one was for a work friend of my husband's.  The hubby has done such a nice job of marketing me that I've got people from all over calling me or emailing me for orders.  How cool is that?  Such a nice boy, he is.  ;)

Anyway, this was definitely a fun order.  And I've suddenly got a pretty full schedule through the beginning of August!  I have lots of buttercream, modeling chocolate and fondant to make this week.  Thank goodness the boys are in some camps!