Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girly stuff...

So I got an order for a "girly" cake and decided to do a purse.  A hot pink purse!  Complete with little accessories-lipstick, nail polish, a bracelet and ring.  I worked on one like this at my apprenticeship and found that it came together easily and very well. 

This one was for a work friend of my husband's.  The hubby has done such a nice job of marketing me that I've got people from all over calling me or emailing me for orders.  How cool is that?  Such a nice boy, he is.  ;)

Anyway, this was definitely a fun order.  And I've suddenly got a pretty full schedule through the beginning of August!  I have lots of buttercream, modeling chocolate and fondant to make this week.  Thank goodness the boys are in some camps!